Kettlebells and the concepts inherent in Kettlebell workout routines were originally developed in Russia, during the 1700s.  Kettlebell training was used by the Soviet Army as a significant part of its strength and conditioning program for soldiers. At Absolute Pilates, we have brought this tough form of training to you, to help transform your body. If you want to gain muscle, in a tough workout, then Kettlebell is for you.

Kettlebells resemble a bowling ball with a handle on top and a flat space on the bottom.  In our Kettlebell workouts, we typically use Kettlebells that range in size from 4 kilograms (8.8 lbs.) to 28 kilograms (61.7 pounds).  We also use lighter hand weights, if necessary, for some beginner students.

The basic Kettlebell exercises include the swing, the snatch, and the clean and jerk; movements that engage the entire body during the performance of the exercise.  These exercises build strength and endurance in the legs (particularly the hamstrings), the lower back, the core muscles, and the shoulders.   Grip strength can also be increased to a significant extent.

A typical Kettlebell workout will involve a large number of repetitions (of a particular movement); this in direct contrast to typical weight training workouts using barbells or dumbbells.  Kettlebell exercises are typically repeated for several minutes, followed by a short break.  This provides an aerobic component to the workout and incorporates many of the advantages associated with high intensity interval training.