Marc Klaus

Marc-Kalus-200x300After graduating from the University of Georgia from the University of Georgia and working for 15 years in the insurance industry, Marc decided three years ago to enter the fitness profession   Although life’s journey has taken Marc on different paths, his passion for fitness and nutrition has been present since he was a scrawny teenager.  Marc is a certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor who was certified by well renowned  trainer, Steve Maxwell (named one of the 100 best trainers in the USA by Men’s Journal).   Marc is also TRX certified and specializes in small group fitness training. Marc loves group fitness because it’s all about people working together to push themselves to work harder than they would on their own. Marc is a big believer in functional training and some of his favorite methods involve using kettlebells, TRX, sandbags, battle ropes, and body weight exercises. Realizing that proper nutrition also plays a vital role in achieving a strong, healthy body, Marc is also a big believer in eating organic fruits and vegetables, along with grass fed meats and wild caught seafood.   Recognizing that it takes determination and dedication to consistently carve out time for fitness, Marc strives to make the most out of his time with studio members in doing whatever he can to help them achieve their goals.