Lorie Scheer 

Lorie Scheer is a Certified Pilates Instructor, and has been practicing Pilates since 2001, shortly after the birth of her second child.  She quickly fell in love with this method of exercise because of its many benefits.  A native of Rochester, NY, she earned her comprehensive certification with Body Precision Pilates Studio in Rosemont, Pennsylvania in 2005.  While still in Rochester, Lorie also traveled to Body Precision for several post certification workshops with Cara Reeser.  In addition, Lorie attended several workshops in New York City with Julian Littleford, Mari Winsor, Mary Bowen, and Bob Liekens.  Lorie taught at three different studios in Rochester before moving south.  After moving to Roswell in 2011, Lorie started working at The Core, A Pilates Studio.  She attended the Classical Pilates Conference in Atlanta in 2012 and most recently completed a weeklong workshop with Rebecca Leone with a focus on spinal safety.  In her free time, Lorie loves to read and spend time outdoors with her husband Jeff, and her children, Allie and Jacob.