Debbie Flanagan

debbieDebbie Flanagan is a certified Pilates Instructor. She has 10 years of experience teaching beginner to advanced levels of mat and apparatus lessons. She received certification through Katrina Roelle, Master Instructor and owner of Reformation Pilates. Debbie teaches Anatomy for Pilates to instructors in training.

She earned a Bachelors of Science degree at East Carolina University in 1991. She is a licensed physical therapy assistant with a strong background in orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. She led a work-conditioning program at a physical therapy clinic in Raleigh, NC. She taught patient education classes for back, neck and stroke conditions. Debbie has received a variety of continuing education in osteoporosis, spondyolisthesis, geriatric muscular and vestibular conditioning, fibromyalgia, diabetes, hip/ knee replacement and stroke rehabilitation. She has also studied Maitland’s approach to manual therapy.

She uses Pilates techniques for post-rehabilitation and pre/post- natal clients. She teaches Pilates focusing on breath, neutral spine, flow, precision and integrity of the movement. The exercises and movements are taught with modifications as needed for each individual.