Audrey Stever

Audrey_headshotAudrey Stever, owner and director of Absolute Pilates has been living in the Woodstock/Canton area for 20 years. After 28 years of teaching ballet and jazz, she decided to further her education by studying and training to teach pilates. Having experienced the pilates method as a former dancer, Mrs. Stever was very familiar with the traditional work of Joseph Pilates and the many benefits one can receive from pilates. Mrs. Stever received a Reformer Certification from Power House Pilates in 2004. She then continued to complete a comprehensive certification to include Mat, Reformer, Wunda Chair and Cadillac repertoires from Reformation Pilates in 2005. She continues to attend educational conferences and has taken additional training for pilates as it relates to dancers, golfers and tennis players, scoliosis and other forms of rehabilitation. Mrs. Stever enjoys working with dance companies offering insight into the pilates method and how it relates to dance. She also devotes time to clients who are generally fit as well as professional athletes. Mrs. Stever has used the pilates method to help expectant mothers and clients who are suffering from chronic back pain. She has a keen eye for lines and kinetic movement. When asked why she chose to study pilates she stated, “I have seen it help so many different kinds of people and I want to be able to share that information with others. For me personally, it is going to keep me moving into my nineties, pain free.” Mrs. Stever resides in Canton and is excited to bring pilates to the Woodstock area. She is married to Mark Stever and has three sons, Kyle, Shane and Bart.